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  • Abel, murdered by Cain; Cain and Abel-Kelmscott; West Kingsdown
  • Abney, Elizabeth, banished from York; Warning against Idle Gossip, Intr.
  • Abraham, patriarch of Israel; The Sacrifice of Isaac-Launcells
  • Accidie, or Sloth; Seven Deadly Sins, Intr
  • ‘accretions’ to the Bible; Medieval Wall Painting; A Short Introduction
  • Acts of Uniformity (Second Act, 1552); Doom-Wenhaston
  • Adam and Eve; The Fall & its Aftermath-Hardham; Expulsion from Paradise - Broughton,
         Cambs; Expulsion from Paradise- Kelmscott; Adam Delving & Eve Spinning-Bledlow; Moses
          with Commandments-Stokesay; Fall & Expulsion-Chalfont S. Giles
  • Adam naming the beasts(?); Chalfont S. Giles
  • Adoration of the Magi Infancy & Earlier Life of Christ:Intro; Adoration of the Magi-Black
          Bourton; Adoration of the Magi- Edstaston; Adoration of the Magi-Heydon; Adoration of the
          Magi & other scenes-Pinvin; Adoration of the Magi-Salisbury (S.Thomas); Adoration of the
         Magi/Shepherds - Thornham Parva; Adoration of the Magi/Dream of the Magi- Wissington
    ; Adoration of the Magi-Hardham
  • Aelfleda, Abbess of Whitby; Scenes from the Life of St. Cuthbert-Pittington
  • Aethelflaeda of Wessex/Mercia, daughter of King Alfred; St. Christopher, East Wellow
  • Agatha, St, mistaken for St. Margaret at Duxford
  • Agincourt (Azincourt), battle of; St.George & Dragon-Broughton
  • Agnus Dei symbol; Duxford-Cambridgeshire
  • Agony in the Garden; Passion Cycle - Crostwight, Passion scenes-Ford; Lt.Easton, Lt.Witchingham; South
  • Alewives, selling short measures; Doom, Holy Trinity church, Coventry
  • Allegory, of the state of souls at death; Allegory of Souls - Swanbourne
  • Allegorical Joust; See Claverley
  • All Saints, York; The Doom & The Weighing of Souls, Intr.
  • Alton, Staffordshire; Three Living & Three Dead-Alton
  • Alveley, Shropshire; Seven Deadly Sins-Alveley
  • Amberley, Sussex; Passion Cycle
  • Ambrose, Saint, quoted by William Caxton; Caxton’s Story of St. Christopher
  • ‘American Indians’ at Stoke Dry; Martyrdom of S.Edmund - Stoke Dry
  • Ampney St.Mary, Gloucestershire; Warning to Sabbath Breakers-Ampney St.Mary
  • Andrew, Apostle & Saint; Martyrdom of St. Andrew-Stoke Dry; (forthcoming at) Ickleton;
          Friskney- Last Supper
  • angel(s), angelic; Doom & Weighing of Souls, Intr., Doom/Weighing - Bradfield, Broughton
         (Bucks) Gt. Harrowden, Rotherfield, Ickleton, South Leigh, West Somerton; Passion Cycle
        - Seething; catching Blood of Christ at Crucifixion Rood Group-Kingston; wearing feathered
          trousers, as in Mystery Plays Attleborough; South Leigh
  • Anne, St, mother of the Virgin Mary, teaching the Virgin to read; Chalfont St.
         Giles; Corby Glen; Bradwell Abbey
  • Annunciation; Life of the Virgin, Intro; Annunciation-Ashampstead; Annunciation-Barnby;
         Annunciation-Chalgrove; Annunciation-Faversham; Annunciation-Gisleham;
          Annunciation-Little Melton; Annunciation-Martley; Annunciation-Newton Green;
         Annunciation-Pinvin; Annunciation- Slapton; Annunciation-South Newington; Annunciation-
         Tarrant Crawford; Annunciation-Fring; Annunciation-Bradwell Abbey
    ; Annunciation-Hardham
  • Annunciation to the Shepherds; Nativity/Annunciation to Shepherds - Wissington, Suffolk;
         Annunciation to the Shepherds/Nativity-Ashampstead, Berkshire; Annunciation to the Shepherds, with Nativity scenes-Hardham
  • Annunciation of the Virgin’s Death Life of the Virgin-Broughton, Oxon.;Life of the Virgin-Chalgrove, Oxon,
  • Antony, Saint (St. Antony Abbot, St. Antony of Egypt); Barton, Cambs; St. Antony Abbot, with St. Christopher and a devil-Winchester St. John the Baptist
  • apartments/architecture of Heaven; Doom - Broughton (Bucks), South Leigh;
        Weighing of Souls - Slapton
  • Appearance to Mary Magdalene; Passion Cycle-Brook (Kent); Gt. Tew, Lt.Tey, Lt.Witchingham, Peakirk; Risby
  • apocalyptic writing, apocryphal gospels; Passion Cycle Intr; Doom & Weighing of      Souls,Intr.
  • Apostle(s); Seated Apostle or Prophet-Little Easton Passion Cycle, Lt.Witchingham, Doom &
    as co-assessors at Last Judgement; Trinity & Last Judgement, Houghton-on-
    ; Christ in Majesty (Maestà)-Kempley; present at Last Judgement; Doom-Blyth
  • Apostles’ Creed; St. James the Great-Hales
  • Apple, held by Adam; Harrowing of Hell, Pickering
  • Aquylyne, in story of St. Christopher; ‘A Printer’s Preface’ : Caxton’s Story of St. Christopher; St. Christopher, with contextual scenes-Hemblington
  • armour, of the 15th century; Passion Cycle, Little Easton
  • armour, of the reign of Edward 111; Doom, West Somerton
  • Arrest in Gethsamene; Passion Cycle-Brook (Kent); Crostwight, Croughton, Fairstead, Flamstead, Lt.Tey Lt. Witchingham
  • Ars Moriendi/Arte & Crafte to Lyve Well & to Dye Well; Cain & Abel-Kelmscott; Doom-
  • Arundel (St. Nicholas Priory); Virgin enthroned, with angels
  • Arundel Psalter; Three Living & Three Dead, Wensley
  • Ascension; Ascension-Pinvin; Passion Cycle - Crostwight; North Cove; Pickering; Seething;
  • Ashampstead, Berkshire; Doom; Annunciation to the Shepherds/Nativity;
  • Ashby St Ledgers, Northants; St Christopher, Ashby St Ledgers; Martyrdom of St Margaret, Ashby St Ledgers; Passion Cycle
  • Ashley, Hampshire St. Catherine or another female saint, Ashley
  • Ashwell church, Herts. Warning to Swearers/Sabbath Breakers
  • Aspergillum Life & Death of the Virgin-Chalgrove
  • Ass, in Passion Cycle or Nativity; Passion Cycle - North Cove; Nativity - Corby Glen;
          Nativity-Newton Green; Nativity-Faversham
    ; Nativity-Hardham
  • Assumption of the Virgin; Life of the Virgin-Broughton; Life of the Virgin-Chalgrove; Passion Cycle - Seething
  • Astbury, Cheshire; Scenes from the Life of S.George-Astbury
  • Attleborough, Norfolk; Christ in Majesty-Attleborough
  • Audrey, St, alias for St. Etheldreda; St. Etheldreda & another female saint-Willingham
  • Avarice; Seven Deadly Sins-Hessett; Seven Deadly Sins - Raunds
  • Azincourt (Agincourt), battle of; St. George & Dragon-Broughton
  • Backgammon; Warning to Swearers - Broughton (Bucks)
  • Bacton, Suffolk; Doom-Bacton
  • bagpipe, as phallic symbol; Seven Deadly Sins-Alveley; Ampney S. Mary
  • Baker, Eve, restoring paintings at Raunds; St. Christopher - Raunds; Three Living &
          Three Dead - Raunds
    ; at Charlwood; at Little Witchingham
  • Banningham, Norfolk; S.George & Dragon-Banningham
  • Bapchild, Kent; Crucifixion, with Mary & John
  • Baptism, of Christ; Baptism of Christ-Black Bourton; Baptism of Christ-Cerne Abbas; Baptism of Christ-Hardham
  • Barbara, saint; S.Barbara - Hessett
  • Bardwell, Suffolk; Deposition-Bardwell
  • Barnby, Suffolk; Seven Works of Mercy-Barnby; Annunciation-Barnby; Crucifixion, with 2
  • Bartholomew, St; St. Bartholomew & St. John the Evangelist-Selling
  • Bartlow, Cambridgeshire; Weighing of Souls
  • Barton, Cambridgeshire; St. Dunstan holding the Devil by the nose-Barton; St. Antony &
    ; St. George & the Dragon-Barton
  • Becket, Thomas (à) St.; Thomas Becket-Hauxton, Cambs; Murder of Thomas Becket-Marston
         Magna; Murder of Becket-S.Burlingham; Murder of Becket-S.Newington; Murder of Becket-
          North Stoke
    ; painting of recorded at East Wellow, Hants
  • Beckley, Oxon; Beckley-Virgin suckling Christ Child; Beckley-Doom
  • beggar, naked, clothed by St. Martin; St. Martin dividing his cloak-Wareham
  • Belchamp Walter, Essex; Three Living & Three Dead-Belchamp Walter; Virgin suckling the Christ Child; Passion Cycle; The Pelican in its Piety
  • Belton, Suffolk; St. Christopher - Belton; Three Living & Three Dead-Belton
  • Bestiaries, referred to; Painted backgrounds, patterns, texts, etc.
  • Betrayal of Christ; Passion Cycle-Brook (Kent); Fairstead; Gussage St. Andrew; Lt. Easton
          Ickleton, Peakirk; Pickering
  • Bible, Biblical; Passion Cycle, Intr, Passion Cycle - Lt. Witchingham; Doom & Weighing Intr.
  • Biblia Pauperum (& Typology); Annunciation-Chalgrove; Genesis scenes, intro
  • Bishopsbourne, Kent; Martyrdom of St. Edmund; Weighing of Souls; St. Nicholas & the Three Boys-Bishopsbourne
  • Black Bourton, Oxon; Adoration of the Magi-Black Bourton; Baptism of Christ-Black
    ; Coronation of the Virgin-Black Bourton; SS. Peter & Paul-Black Bourton; Stoning of Stephen-Black Bourton
  • Black Death; Warning to Swearers/Sabbath Breakers; Intro.
  • Black Mass; Women & Devils - Melbourne
  • Black Prince, the, possibly alluded to; Hornton
  • Blacksmith’s tools; St.Eloi-Broughton; St. Dunstan holding the Devil by the nose-Barton
  • Bledlow; Adam Delving & Eve Spinning-Bledlow
  • Blood of Christ at Crucifixion, angels catching; Rood Group-Kingston
  • Blyth, Nottinghamshire Doom-Blyth
  • Boethius (Consolation of Philosophy); Wheel of Fortune-Ilketshall
  • Bohemia; St. Christopher, Short Intr.
  • Books of Hours; Three Living & Three Dead, Intr; Rood Group-Kingston
  • Border Ballad; Seven Works of Mercy, Intr.
  • Bosch, Hieronymus; Women & Devils, Melbourne
  • Boughton Aluph, Kent; Trinity-Boughton Aluph
  • Boxford, Suffolk; St. Edmund-Boxford
  • Bradfield, Norfolk; Doom
  • Bradwell Abbey, Buckinghamshire; Annunciation-Bradwell Abbey
  • Bread, Assize of; Seven Deadly Sins-Hessett
  • Breage, Cornwall; Warning to Sabbath Breakers
  • Breamore, Hants: Saxon carved Rood-Breamore, Anglo-Saxon inscription-Breamore, Suicide of Judas-Breamore
  • breasts, bared by Virgin Mary; Doom - Ickleton; Doom - North Cove
  • Brent Eleigh, Suffolk; Crucifixion-Brent Eleigh; statue (not extant) of Virgin at, painted angels Brent Eleigh; Harrowing of Hell, with donor (?)Brent Eleigh
  • Bridale, John, vicar of Wood Dalling, painted as donor; Virgin Enthroned, Cawston
  • Bridget of Sweden, St., revelations of; Adoration of the Magi-Salisbury (S.Thomas)
  • Brigg o Dread; Seven Works of Mercy, Intr.
  • Bromholm, Holy Rood of; St. James the Great-Hales
  • Brook (Kent); Passion Cycle; Raising of Lazarus & Raising of Jairus’s Daughter;
         Infancy Cycle
  • Broughton (Bucks); Doom; Warning to Swearers; St.George & Dragon; St.Helena; St.Eloi
  • Broughton, (Cambs); Doom; Expulsion from Paradise; Adam Delving & Eve Spinning
  • Broughton, (Oxon.); Crucifixion painted on pillar; Life of the Virgin
  • Buffeting; Passion Cycle - Lt. Witchingham, Peakirk; South Newington
  • Burgundy; Seven Works of Mercy - Moulton St. Mary
  • Burial of Christ; Passion Cycle - Lt. Easton; Passion Cycle-Pickering
  • Burial of the Virgin; Life of the Virgin-Broughton; Death, Burial & Coronation of the Virgin- Sutton Bingham; Life & Death of the Virgin-Chalgrove
  • Burnham Overy, Norfolk; St. Christopher-Burnham Overy
  • Burton Dassett, Warwickshire; Three Magi-Burton Dassett
  • Burton Latimer; Martyrdom of S. Catherine; Levi, patriarch of Israel
  • Burying the Dead; Seven Works of Mercy, Intr.; Seven Works of Mercy-Lathbury; Seven Works
          of Mercy-Moulton St.Mary; Seven Works of Mercy-Pickering; Seven Works of Mercy-

  • Caedmon MS, (Bodleian Library); The Fall & its Aftermath-Hardham
  • Cain, murdering Abel; Cain and Abel-Kelmscott; Story of Cain & Abel, West Kingsdown; as suckling infant? Adam delving & Eve spinning-Bledlow
  • Cantigas de Sancta Maria (Iberian collection of legends about the Virgin Mary); Life & Miracles of the Virgin-Chalfont St. Giles
  • ‘Caritas’/Charity; Seven Works of Mercy - Edingthorpe; Seven Works of Mercy-Trotton;
  • casein, as ground for painting; Medieval Wall Painting:Short Intr.
  • Castor, Cambs.; St.Catherine, life of-Castor
  • Catesby family St. Christopher, Ashby St. Ledgers
  • Catfield, Norfolk; Stoning of Stephen-Catfield
  • Catherine, St St.Catherine, life of-Castor; St. Catherine-Hardley Street; St. Catherine-Old Weston; St. Catherine, life of-Sporle; Burial of St. Catherine-Little Kimble; Heydon (as single figure?); with Virgin & Child, SS Margaret & Mary Magdalene-Little Wenham; Cold Overton; St. Catherine-Pickering
  • cat-o’-nine tails scourge; Passion Cycle-North Cove; Martyrdom of St Margaret-Ashby St Ledgers
  • Catherington, Hampshire; S. Michael Weighing Souls-Catherington
  • Cawston, Norfolk; Virgin Enthroned, with donors-Cawston
  • Caxton, story of St. Christopher; ‘A Printer’s Preface’ : Wm. Caxton’s Story of St. Christopher
  • Chacombe, Northamptonshire; Martyrdom of St. Peter
  • Chaldon, Surrey; Purgatorial Ladder, with the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire; Life & Miracles of the Virgin-Chalfont St. Giles;
         Herod’s Feast/Decollation of John the Baptist-Chalfont St. Giles; Creation of the Animals/Fall
         & Expulsion-Chalfont S. Giles
  • Chalgrave, Bedfordshire; St. Martin dividing his cloak
  • Chalgrove, Oxfordshire; Tree of Jesse; Annunciation; Life & Death of the Virgin; Passion scenes-Chalgrove
  • chancel; Tree of Jesse-Chalgrove; Passion Cycle - North Cove; Doom & Weighing of Souls,Intr.
  • Chancel Arch; Passion Cycle-Fairstead, Ickleton; Doom/Weighing of Souls, Intr.; Doom- Bradfield, Gt. Harrowden, Ickleton, South Leigh; Weighing of Souls-Rotherfield
  • Charity (as Cardinal Virtue), see ‘Caritas’
  • Charlwood, Surrey; Life of St. Margaret-Charlwood; Three Living & Three Dead-Charlwood
  • Charlemagne; Charlemagne’s Dream of S. Cyriacus-Hardwick
  • Chaucer, Geoffrey (Canterbury Tales); Seven Deadly Sins, Intr; Warning to Swearers-Broughton (Bucks)
  • Chelsworth, Suffolk; Doom-Chelsworth
  • Cherub; Doom - Broughton (Bucks)
  • Chesterton, Cambridgeshire; Doom-Chesterton
  • Chichester Cathedral & Chichester Roundel; Coronation of the Virgin-Black Bourton
  • Chippenham, Cambridgeshire; Martyrdom of St. Erasmus-Chippenham
  • ‘Christ as Piers Plowman’ Warning to Swearers/Sabbath Breakers
  • ‘Christ of the Trades’ - See above - ‘Christ as Piers Plowman’
  • Christ Among the Doctors (see Dispute with the Doctors)
  • Christ Before Pilate; Passion Cycle - Fairstead, Flamstead; Gussage St. Andrew; Lt. Easton; Pickering
  • Christ Child, Child; Adoration of the Magi - Black Bourton; Nativity - Corby Glen; Nativity-Little Wakering; St.Christopher Contents (& Links to all St. Christopher Pages); Caxton’s Story of St.Christopher; St.Christopher, Short Intro;
  • Christ in Majesty (Maestà); Christ in Majesty-Attleborough; Christ in Majesty-Houghton Conquest; Christ in Majesty-Kempley; Angels & saints supporting Christ in Majesty-West Chiltington; Christ in Majesty, with Judgement details-Clayton; Christ in Majesty, with Traditio Legis and an illusionistic painted figure-Coombes
  • Christian history; Medieval Wall Painting - Short Introduction
  • Christopher, St; St.Christopher Contents Page (with Links to all St.Christopher Pages)
  • Church Calendar; St. Christopher, Intr.
  • The Churches Conservation Trust; Doom - Broughton (Bucks); Seven Works of Mercy-Moulton St Mary
  • Citha, St. (see Zita)
  • Claverley, Shropshire, allegorical frieze at; Allegorical Joust-Claverley
  • Clayton, Sussex; Christ in Majesty, with Judgement details
  • Clay Birds - see Miracle of the Clay Birds
  • Clement, Saint & Pope; St. Clement-South Leigh
  • Clothing the Naked; Seven Works of Mercy, Intr;; 7 Works-Hoxne; 7 Works-Linkinhorne
         7 Works-Moulton St.Mary; 7 Works-Pickering; 7 Works-Trotton
  • Clouds, band of, replacing rainbow in Doom; Doom-Newington
  • Cluniac influence in English painting; Christ in Majesty-Clayton
  • Cold Overton, Leicestershire St. Catherine of Alexandria-Cold Overton; Gathering of the Apostles for the Funeral of the Virgin-Cold Overton
  • Colton, Norfolk Warning against Idle Gossip-Colton
  • Compostela, Spain, shrine to St. James at; Yelden
  • Consecration, of Cuthbert as bishop; Pittington
  • Consecration Cross; Passion Cycle - Crostwight [Photo]
  • ‘Consecration of Labour’ Warning to Swearers/Sabbath Breakers, Intro; Warning to Sabbath Breakers-Duxford; Warning to Sabbath Breakers-Michaelchurch Escley
  • Consolation of Philosophy; see Boethius
  • Continental mural painters, possibly working in England; Three Living & Three Dead-Belton
  • Coombes, Sussex Christ in Majesty, with Traditio Legis and an illusionistic painted figure-Coombes
  • Copford, Essex; David overcoming the Lion-Copford; The Raising of Jairus’s Daughter-Copford
  • Coquet Island; meeting-place of Abbess Aelfleda and St. Cuthbert Scenes from the Life of St. Cuthbert-Pittington
  • Corby Glen, Lincs; Nativity - Corby Glen; St. Anne teaching the Virgin to read-Corby Glen; King Herod, with other Nativity scenes-Corby Glen
  • Corhampton, Hampshire; St. Swithun and the miracle of the broken eggs
  • Coronation of the Virgin; Black Bourton-Coronation; Life of the Virgin-Broughton, Oxon; Sutton Bingham-Coronation of the Virgin; Life & Death of the Virgin-Chalgrove misidentified at Seething; Passion Cycle - Seething
  • Coronation of the Virgin by the Trinity, referred to; Black Bourton-Coronation;
  • Cottered, Hertfordshire; St. Christopher, with buildings & landscape details-Cottered
  • Council of Trent; St.Christopher Intr;
  • Coventry, Holy Trinity Church, Warwickshire Doom-Holy Trinity, Coventry
  • Crescent Moon, Virgin Mary standing on; Weighing of Souls, South Leigh
  • Cranborne, Dorset; 7 Deadly Sins-Cranborne
  • Creation of the Animals(?); Chalfont S. Giles
  • Cristofori faciem die quacunque tueris/Illa nempe die morte mala non morieris, etc; St. Christopher Intr.
  • Crockford’s Clerical Directory; General information & Feedback Page
  • Cross; Doom & Weighing of Souls, Contents; St. Christopher Intr; ‘A Printer’s Preface’ : Wm.Caxton’s Story of St. Christopher; St. Christopher - Shorwell
  • Crostwight, Norfolk Passion Cycle, Intr; Passion Cycle - Crostwight ; Seven Deadly Sins -Crostwight
  • Croughton, Northants; Flight into Egypt/Massacre of the Innocents - Croughton; Passion Cycle-Croughton
  • Crown of Thorns, Crowning with Thorns; Passion Cycle - Fairstead, Flamstead; Great Tew;
          Gussage St. Andrew; Lt. Witchingham; Doom & Weighing of Souls, Contents
  • Crucifixion - as part of Passion Cycle; Passion Cycle - Crostwight, Passion Cycle-Croughton; Flamstead , Gt.Tew,
          Gussage St. Andrew; Lt.Easton; Lt.Tey, Lt.Witchingham, North Cove, Peakirk; Pinvin;
          Seething; South Newington
  • Crucifixion, ‘Detached’ Bapchild; Barnby, Brent Eleigh; Broughton (Oxon); Godshill, IOW; Goxhill; Little Missenden; Turvey; Wisborough Green
  • Crucifixion, of St. Peter; Chacombe
  • Cuthbert, St; Scenes from the Life of St. Cuthbert-Pittington
  • Cyriacus or Cyr, saint; Charlemagne’s Dream of S. Cyriacus-Hardwick

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